Warranty service

When supplying cleanroom equipment, following guarantees are maintained:

  • proper quality of materials, constructions, equipment and systems as well as their conformity to project specifications, federal standards and technical regulations, coverage by corresponding certificates, technical data sheets and further quality relevant documents;
  • work performance quality according to the project documentation and current norms and technical regulations;
  • fail-safe function of engineering systems and equipment by operating under normal conditions;
  • well-timed clearing of defects and malfunctions founded by acceptance of work and during the guarantee maintenance.

The warranty period for cleanrooms and related engineering systems, equipment, materials and executed works by operating under normal conditions is to be stated in the sales contract (most usually 18 months after date of commissioning).

Cleaning of defects may occur within the guarantee maintenance is to be charged on our account within an agreed timeframe by prolongation of the warranty period by defect cleaning periods.

The warranty doesn’t cover intended damage caused by the operating staff or third parties.

Post-warranty service and maintenance of the supplied equipment are subject to special agreement.

Post-warranty service

By contracting post-warranty service for a cleanroom, it is being entered into post-warranty considering:

  • preventive inspection and maintenance of equipment within the timeframe and volume recommended in technical data sheets;
  • maintenance upon the customer’s defect report;
  • providing of spares for equipment, as per customer’s request.

Post-warranty service shall be executed either by MFME or third party on of behalf by our absolute responsibility in any case.

Preventive inspection and maintenance shall be executed as per timeframe and costs estimation approved by the customer.

The defects occurred by the operation shall be cleaned by our staff once the customer’s written report with a general defect description is received, the fault cause as well as volume of work is stated by our experts, and a guarantee letter from the customer ensuring a full costs refund within agreed timeframe is issued.