As final stage of cleanroom creating, its validation allows to state, whether the customer’s goal has been achieved respectively whether the necessary processing environment in the cleanroom has been provided. Usually to be validated is the quality of installation of the cleanroom being commissioned, inside air quality, lighting intensity and acoustic parameters, i.e. validation at the both “built” and “equipped” stages.

To provide to the customer a ready for operation product with instrumentally confirmed properties, there is Analitical Centre of validation established at MFME respectively accredited by the Russian Federal Service “Rossaccreditatsia”.

The Centre’s tasks are:

  • adjustment of ventilation system by regulating of air flow rate and pressure drops after commissioning;
  • instrumental confirmation of inside air quality, lighting intensity and acoustic parameters, as per project requirements;
  • documentation of measurements and tests.

As a result, the validation report including declaration of conformity and test log is being issued.

Also third part built cleanroom installations can be validated by our validation centre.

The experts of our validation centre are very experienced in the both validation and cleanroom parameter setting.

A large staff as well as equipment completeness makes possible cleanroom validation activities at many places in the meantime.

All the experts have special education, and improve their skills and experiences permanently.

After 13 years on the cleanroom validation service market, there are more than 100 cleanroom projects in Russia and abroad have been approved by our validation centre.