The MFME manufacturing complex is located at more than 14.000 sq. meters floor space.

  • blank preparation section;
  • machine workshop;
  • bending section;
  • welding section;
  • fitting and assembling sections for:
  • air distributing and ventilating components;
  • laboratory equipment and clean zones;
  • doors and windows for cleanrooms;
  • wall panels and enclosing structure components;
  • intensive care and bed head units;
  • central air conditioning, exhaust and recirculation fans;
  • painting section;
  • finishing and testing section;
  • packing section;
  • instrumental section.

The production is being maintained by the process engineering service, which also includes the staging area providing special rigging and machining attachment for manufactured items. Since new equipment tryout at MFME is paid by special attention, the semi-production experimental section, as a part of the process engineering service, is in charge of primary manufacturing and full-scope processing trial of new product samples.

The Chief engineer’s office maintenance area is responsible for any scheduled preventive repairs works in order to make sure a failure-free operation of the manufacturing complex' equipment.

Following works are being performed at the manufacturing complex:

  • sheet metal prefabrication by laser cutting, punching, and CNC controlled parting shears;
  • cutting of shaped pipes;
  • mechanical treatment by lathing and milling;
  • sheet metal bending by CNC controlled bending presses;
  • all kind of welding;
  • bench-work and assembling;
  • powder coating by two high-capacity processing lines;
  • all kind of electrical works;
  • crating production and packing for any transportation way.

Being fully provided with high-performance equipment and qualified personnel, the manufacturing complex is able to produce large volumes of high-quality products within a short time.