Cleanrooms for industry

GMP standard

The both modern manufacturing and good quality product cannot be realized without cleanrooms getting indispensable for ever more fields of the human economic activities.

The modernization of pharmaceutical plants up to the international GMP standard (Good Manufacturing Practice) shall guarantee the high quality of the manufactured product, whereas the air purity requirements are prescribed by the standard ISO 14644. The key pillar of the both standards, however, is design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of cleanrooms.

Cleanrooms for industry produced by AMS-MFME

Among the customers of AMS-MFME are the Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency ROSATOM, the Russian Federal Space Agency ROSKOSMOS, largest pharmaceutical plants, and leading microbiological institutes as well.

There are more than 100 cleanroom projects realized by AMS-MFME for biotechnology, pharmacy, microelectronics, and tool engineering with a total floor space exceeding 700.000 sq. meters.

When designing biosafety rooms, the principle of “nested rooms” is used, whereby its furnishing and design concept are specified according to the intended purpose.

As per AMS-MFME‘s multifaceted approach, the components of engineering systems of a cleanroom are being considered throughout its designing, manufacturing, and installation. Already adapted for using in sterile environment, the own-made components – namely pass boxes and transfer hatches, air supply and distribution units, sanitary installation, lightning, telephone, display boards, fire and security alarms, access control etc. – are being installed in the cleanroom construction on-site, as per project specification.

Cleanroom solutions include the elements of enclosing structure providing absolute air-tightness of the whole complex, namely:

  • wall envelope incl. frame, solid and window panels, solid and glass doors;
  • ceiling envelope incl. built-in lighting, air distributors etc;
  • special antistatic floors.

Due to the high-level performance of enclosing structure, a smooth respectively set-off free surface with hermetically-sealed splices between rounded ceiling, solid panels, and floor is provided.

Air handling, distributing, and cleaning are being realized by inlet air conditioning, distributing and final treatment systems, as well as by stand-alone inside air cleaning and exhausting system.

Cleanrooms for industry produced by AMS-MFME

Prepared respectively conditioned in a proper way, the inlet air is passing a high-effective three-step cleaning process by destined direction and flow-rate.

Getting of any chemical pollution from „grey zones“ into cleanrooms is prevented by pressure drops. The polluting emissions like microorganisms, dust, gases, heat are being removed out of room by the exhaust air.

The operation of the cleanroom engineering system is being managed by an integrated control system, which consists of dispatching, inlet and exhaust air, and stand-alone inside air cleaning control systems.

The plain fact nowadays is that using of cleanrooms by modern manufacturing processes allows improving one’s competiveness on the market for innovative products.