Rresearch and manufacturing association AMS-MFME - «Aseptic Medical Systems» and «Miass Factory of Medical Equipment»

 - is for a long time famoust to the wide shere of specialists in medcine and high technology industries not only in the Russian Federation, but also in the Kazakhstan Republic and the Republic of Belarus. 

In the head of corporate group AMS-MFME during already 25 years - is the President, the chairman of board of directors ZAO "AMS" - OOO "MFME", an academic of the Russian Academy of Medical-Technical Science Suprun Vladimir.  

Now AMS-MFME are the leading Russian enterprises for working out and manufacture of aseptic laminar technics for highly effective clearing and air disinfecting in treatment-and-prophylactic establishments, clinics, on pharmaceutical and microbiological manufactures, in bacteriological, virologic, etc. laboratories.

1993 - production of run equipment for highly effective air clearing and creation of an antimicrobic mode in medical institutions.

1996 - manufacture and delivery of pure workplaces and pure zones for the pharmaceutical enterprises.

2000 - designing, manufacture, installation and commissioning of cleanroom complexes for aseptic manufactures of the microbiological, pharmaceutical and microelectronic industries enterprises.


Producing of equipment is carried out our documentations with wide using of domestic materials and accessories. It allows manufacturing of products that uncomply in its characteristics to foreign analogs, but significant cheaper.

Since 1996 enterprises are placed on their own industry base (administrative-engeneering bulk with 1440 sq m area, two manufacturing bulks with area more than 3000 sq m). The personnel of the enterprises of an order of 600 persons, basically experts of the defence companies.

The scientific consultant of the enterprises is the academician of the Russian Academy of medical sciences, the director of the South Ural centre of science of the RAMScience, the professor Jury Mihajlovich Zaharov.

The enterprise has licences issued and confirmed in due course for manufacture of medical production, for designing of the enterprises food, microbiological, medical and a pharmaceutical industriesy, public health services establishments, and also on carrying out of corresponding erection works. Production is certificated.

2008 - the production assosiation has passed certification of quality management system with reference to designing, working out, manufacture, delivery, carrying out of assembly and starting-up and adjustment works and certification (validation), to repair and service:

  • medicine equipment;
  • complexes of pure and especially pure premises for electronic, food, medical, microbiological and a pharmaceutical industries and medical institutions on conformity to requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001-2000)

2009 - during the regular surveillance audit we've got the certificate of conformity of quality management system GOST R ISO 9001-2008 № РОСС RU.ИС56.К00125 in respect to designing, proecting, production, supplying, mounting and start-up works and attestation, repairing and service of madical equipment, complexes of cleanrooms for electricial, food, medical, microbiological and pharmacial industries and masical institutions. 2010Component list of output products has increased. Among the new products - is the unique "Module of the biological safety (МББ-МЗМО) of the BSL-4 level». Module is made for enterprises and institutions, operating with materials that includes the microorganisms of I-III pathogenic group. The design-constructive documentation is created, test example is produced, technical tests of the product are done in full volume. Within the limits of Research and Practice Ceminar for biological safety the module is represented by the main specialists of biosafety guarantee of the main institutions of Federal Service on Surveilance for Consumer rights protection and human well-being.
We've got the patient for product, positive expert's report from FSI of Health "Antiplague center" and certificate of confirmance.
Sales of output products have been increased. The total area of built complexes of cleanrooms for Medcine-Profilactic Institutions and differ industries exceeded 20 000 m².
Factory's capacity has been strengthen: thechnological equipment is renewed, the new industry areas are passed into operation. 2011  - enterprises have realised 21 projects for creation of complexes of cleanrooms for medical and other industries in Russia and the Kazakhstan Republic. The total area of designed and created cleanrooms exceeded 13 000 m². 2012 - association of enterprises had done 47 projects for designing and constructing of complexes of cleanrooms for health-care institutions and industries. The total area of designed and created cleanrooms exceeded  27 000 m².